RCGNTN (pronounced 'RECOGNITION') is a website dedicated purely to Singapore-based creative talent.

Originally established in 2009, RCGNTN was founded with the ultimate purpose of growing appreciation for Singaporean work. Covering the different disciplines of art, music and design, we take pride in the interviews and connections we've made in the creative industry through the years which have been fundamental to our understanding of the scene and it's interdependent nature.

As champions of Singaporean talent, we exist to uncover and document the work of local creatives, encourage understanding of their processes, and create meaningful bonds between art and the audience.

This is for those who chose not to give up; for those who choose to break out from the generic mold; for those seeking inspiration; for those who take on multiple jobs to keep pursuing their passion; for those with double lives; for those who work hard to make ends meet; for those who do it out of love- this is for all of us.

RCGNTN is part of the Project XIV family, an artist management agency.



Sam Lo | Founder: @samkaynelo

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